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School Uniform

The image of the school is enhanced by our children being correctly dressed at all times. We appeal to parents to ensure that children wear our uniform with pride, respect and dignity. Learners are not permitted to wear only part of a uniform outside school grounds. Uniforms must be clean at all times.

A teal blazer with braiding and the Mulbarton badge. Only prefects have the right to wear a prefect's blazer. It is requested that prefects wear their blazer to school every day.

Summer Uniform


  • Grey shorts
  • White short sleeved open-neck shirt with school shirt badge on the pocket
  • Regulation grey socks with white and turquoise stripe
  • Black lace-up school shoes
  • V-neck teal school regulation jersey
  • Teal School Blazer

  • School dress
  • White school socks, no secret socks will be permitted
  • Black school shoes
  • Teal jersey with white stripes
  • Plain teal school blazer

Winter Uniform


  • Grey long flannel trousers, skinny style of pants are not permitted
  • White long sleeved shirt
  • Mulbarton tie
  • Grey school socks ONLY, no secret socks will be permitted
  • Black lace-up school shoes
  • Teal school regulation jersey
  • School blazer with school badge on the pocket
  • Plain teal school blazer
  • Regulation winter jacket

  • School dress or long grey flannels, no skinny style of pants will be permitted
  • A long sleeved white shirt and school tie
  • Regulation school socks or grey tights, no secret socks will be permitted
  • Black schools shoes
  • Jerseys as for summer
  • Teal school blazer may be worn
  • Regulation winter jacket

Sport Track Suit
The new Mulbarton regulation tracksuit (black and teal) will be worn in winter only for sport and P.T with the regulation P.T T-shirt, white socks and black sports shoes only (tommies are not permitted). IT DOES NOT REPLACE THE COMPULSORY FORMAL WINTER OR SUMMER UNIFORM. Please note the formal uniform cannot be worn with the P.T uniform. (E.g. the regulation school jersey may not be worn with the P.T tracksuit)

Sport Uniform

  • Physical education: All learners can come to school in the official PT kit on the PT days determined by the school.
  • Each sport played has its own requirements and you will be advised accordingly.
  • Please do not purchase muliticoloured, expensive sport shoes. Plain black is the colour for all sports codes.

Marking of Belongings
All articles should be clearly marked with the learner's name. Any item of clothing not labelled and left in lost property will be donated to the school at the end of each term.

Long hair must be tied up or clipped back from the face. No half ponies allowed. Baubles, alice bands or ribbons must be teal blue, or white, no bows are allowed. No outlandish styles, colouring, highlights or gel will be allowed. No thick braids, no excessively big buns are allowed. Cornrows must be tied up if longer than shoulder length. Afros must be reasonable and neat.

Hair should be neat and of a reasonable length - regulation school boy cut. No outlandish styles will be allowed (e.g. steps or shaved portions, hair colouring, highlights, gel, braids or dreadlocks.) The school reserves the right to cut your child's hair should your child's hair not be in compliance with the school's required hairstyle. The hair needs to blend in or fade into the rest of the hair.

No jewellery, apart from watches or medical bracelets and medallions, will be allowed. Girls with pierced ears may wear small, plain stud or sleeper earrings only. Boys may not wear earrings (nor pins or bristles in their ears) to school. We strongly urge parents not to allow boys to pierce their ears.

Official Uniform Stockists

  • Mulbarton Outfitters: True North Road, Mulbarton
    Tel: 011 682 2919
  • Economic Outfitters: 21 Booysens Rd, Booysens
    Tel: 011 493 2820
  • Mulbarton Primary School Uniform Shop
    Tel: 011 432 3288 # 2