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School Uniform

The image of the school is enhanced by our children being correctly dressed at all times. We appeal to parents to ensure that each child wears his/her uniform with pride, respect and dignity. Learners are not permitted to wear only part of a uniform, eg. without shoes and socks, outside the school grounds.

Summer Uniform: Girls
Teal Check Dress - not shorter than 3 cm above knee
Teal cardigan with white trim
White ankle socks
Black regulation school shoes
Hair accessories: only black, white or teal elastics, scrunchies, clips or alice bands.
Optional: Teal anorak
Black regulation (buckle or lace up with short, flat heel) school shoes

Winter Uniform: Girls
Grey slacks or grey gym
White long - sleeved shirt
School tie
Teal cardigan with white trim
Optional: Teal pullover
Grey long socks
Optional: Teal anorak

Summer Uniform: Boys
Grey shorts - Trousers allowed in Grade 7 only
White open neck short sleeved shirt with school badge
Grey long socks with white and teal stripe
Teal pullover with white trimming
Optional: teal sleeveless pullover
Black regulation school shoes
Optional: Teal anorak

Winter Uniform: Boys
Grey trousers
White long sleeved - shirt
Teal pullover with white trimming
Optional: teal sleeveless pullover
School tie
Grey long socks
Optional: Teal anorak

Sport Uniform
Each sport code has its own requirements and you will be advised accordingly. However, do not purchase multicoloured, expensive sports shoes. Plain white is the colour for most sports codes. The general sport kit is the school sports collared shirt that is to be used for all codes. There is a Teal T-shirt with the school badge that may be used for practices and Physical Education lessons.

A tracksuit is available at the stockists.

Marking of Belongings
All articles used or worn at school should be clearly marked with the owner's name using name tape and fabric ink. Any item of clothing not labeled and left in lost property for a week will be donated to the Swop Shop.

Girls: Hair must be tied up or clipped back from the face. Baubles, Alice bands or ribbons to be Teal, White or Black. No highlights, modern colouring or styles will be allowed.

Braids will only be allowed if they match the girl's natural hair colour and type and is clipped back.

Boys: Hair should be neat and of a reasonable length. No modern styles will be allowed. (eg. Steps or shaved portions, or any sort of gel.)

NO Jewellery, apart from watches or medical bracelets and medallions will be allowed. Girls with pierced ears should have stud or sleeper earrings only. (Only one earring per ear is permitted.) Boys may not have earrings. If they have pierced ears the holes must be covered by some sort of skin coloured plaster. No other pierced body parts are permitted.

This is an Educational Institution and the parents should be advised to ensure that their children are dressed accordingly. Please support the school on these issues.

Official Uniform Stockists
Mulbarton Outfitters: True North Road, Mulbarton
Tel: 011 682 2919

Economic Outfitters: 21 Booysens Rd, Booysens
Tel: 011 493 2820

Mulbarton Primary School Swop Shop

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