Mulbarton Primary Newsletters
17 January 2022 - #01 of 2022
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Welcome to Mulbarton Primary School
Mulbarton Primary consists of a dynamic staff, school governing body, parents and learners.

Our school motto states "Knowledge our Future".
This is what we aim to impart in each of our learners and this is going to require the combined efforts and co-operation of educators, parents and learners.

Working together we can achieve excellence and allow every learner to develop to their full potential so that they become socially responsible and productive citizens.

L. Kistadoo Principal

Admissions 2021!

Due to Covid-19 there have been some changes to the process. Click on Admissions for more information.

We encourage each one to please be safe under the Covid-19 crises and to follow correct hygiene practices, correct safety protocols and to adhere to the relevant lockdown regulations. Remember to wear your face mask and wash your hands regularly; Together we can make a difference. Stay safe!

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