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17 January 2022 - #01 of 2022
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Our History
In 1992 a number of children were turned away from a neighbouring school due to lack of space. The parents formed the Mulbarton Parent Action Group to lobby for the building of a new school in Mulbarton.

In 1993 the first Grade 1 class was created and housed at Forest Hill Primary School. During May 1993 building started on the Junior Primary and Administration building. In 1994 the school opened for the Junior Primary phase and started with 81 learners. The buildings were finally completed in August 1994. In 1995 the school opened to all grades. By the turn of the century all classrooms were utilised with 700 learners.

In 1995 with so few learners and teachers, staff had their tea in the admin office at breaks because the staffroom was far too large and lonely. All the furniture was brand new - chairs, desks, table, sick-bay beds, all curtains, etc. The SGB chose the colour of the floor tiles, the colour of the walls and of course our school colours (teal), which turned out to be a lovely, unusual colour. Our motto is "Knowledge our Future" and our emblem is a Weaver bird chosen for its gregarious nature and because there are always weavers on our school grounds. The grade ones used to feed them sandwich leftovers every day. There was no shelter for our cars and quite a few staff members' cars had serious hail damage one summer. We had no deputy principal as our learner numbers were too low to qualify for one. There were no grand stands - just embankments. The netball and tennis courts were brand new and the juniors played hopscotch on the 'kunsblad' outside the junior primary classrooms.

In 1999, the Grade R premises were built, consisting of three classrooms. The Grade 3 classrooms were erected in 2001. Since its beginnings there were numerous upgrades and refurbishings done to Mulbarton Primary School. Interactive Whiteboards, data projectors and a laptop for each classroom are some of the modern resources / equipment installed in every classroom, Today the learner enrolment is close to 1060 learners, with a staff compliment of 52.

The following Principals lead Mulbarton Primary at different periods since its inception:

°  Mr. A. Goodwin 1993 - 1996
°  Mr. K. Lavery 1997 - 2005
°  Mr. C. Ranchor 2006 - 2006
°  Mr. J. Vonk (Acting) 2006 - 2006
°  Mrs. B. Dreyer 2007 - 2008
°  Mrs. S. Singh (Acting) 2009 - 2009
°  Mr. L. Kistadoo 2010 - current