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Helping Your Child

Attending school should be a happy experience for a child. However, it may happen that a child may start to have a negative attitude towards the school. This could be evident through changed behaviour or a reluctance to attend school. Should this happen with your child, please contact the school immediately. Often unhappiness is cause through a misunderstanding. Close liaison between home and school virtually guarantees a happy education for your child. Try to organise your child's day in such a way that he has sufficient time to do all that he needs to do. There must be time for resting, taking part in the extra-mural programmes, free time, home chores, television viewing, homework and the like. Time-management for the child make for a contented, well motivated and happy child.

It is inevitable that your child will experience minor disappointments at school. For example, his marks in a particular test might be lower than expected or he does not get selected for a sports team. At such times the child needs considerable positive encouragement. Highlight his areas of strength and dispassionately analyse why he does not achieve a particular target. Above all, remember the simple maxim: "Love your child unconditionally." Your child is a wonderful person quite apart from any school achievements or disappointments.

Expect and insist that your child does the best that he is personally capable of doing. He should never be compared disparagingly to other family members, eg. "Your sister always does her homework properly!" Rather he should be compared to the standards that he - as a unique and very special person - is capable of achieving.